NFC juices

We squeeze oranges and mandarins to obtain juice not from concentrate, which is pasteurized and stored aseptically under refrigeration conditions.


Obtained from the edible part of citrus fruits. The product is pasteurized and stored aseptically under refrigeration conditions.

Essential oils

The oils are obtained by pressing the skin of citrus fruits. After its extraction, the product is subjected to a process of winterization.


Terpenic fraction obtained by heating the pressing liquors of the citrus bark, until evaporating the mixture of water and d-limonene in evaporation chambers. The condensed steam is then decanted and the light phase corresponding to the terpenes is packed in metal drums.


Obtained when dehydrating the solid residue that we obtain during the juice squeezing stage. It is composed of the skin of citrus fruits, pulps and internal membranes of the same.


We work with the highest quality raw materials to manufacture products of exceptional quality.


We are committed to sustainability, joining efforts to become a zero waste factory.


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