Pellets are a by-product obtained by drying the solid waste product from juice processing industry. Formed by the peel from the juice stractors, culled fruit, organic trash, juice pulp and membranes of oranges and clementines. Prior to the drying process, calcium hydroxide is incorporated. Origin of the fruit: Spain.

Orange pellets suppliers

Pellets are obtained by dehydrating the solid residues derived from the juice squeezing process. They are composed mainly of the skin, pulp, and internal membranes of the oranges and mandarins and are widely demanded within the animal feed sector.

Zuvamesa is currently one of the best-positioned pellet suppliers thanks to the care with which we treat and select our raw materials. Among the aspects most sought after by farmers and veterinarians when choosing our pellets for their formulas and final applications is their high nutritional value and their unmistakable citrus aroma. Our pellets are also highly valued by our customers for their pleasant texture and incomparable quality.

Our pellets are made following the strictest standards of hygiene, quality, traceability, and sustainability.