D-Limonene essential oil

Terpenic fraction obtained by heating the pressing liquors of the citrus bark, until evaporating the mixture of water and d-limonene in evaporation chambers. The condensed steam is then decanted and the light phase corresponding to the terpenes is packed in metal drums.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Purity (%)>90%
Refractive index (20ºC)1.4X-1.4X
Density (20ºC)0.8X-0.8X

Storage conditions

Shelf life- Total, monthsXXYY
Storage temperature (ºC)25

Oil phase is recovered during the concentration of molasses from orange and mandarin fruits.  It is composed of terpenes, with the main one being D-Limonene. D-Limonene is a biodegradable, naturally occurring solvent and is the principle component of citrus peel oil.

D-Limonene is the main terpene found in essential oils, however, unlike these, it is obtained through distillation.

It is a natural solvent whose particular characteristics lend themselves to a wide range of applications in different sectors, including the fertilizer and construction industries.

Regarding its sensory characteristics, D-Limonene has a characteristic aroma which is fresh, citrusy, and pure, without off-flavors. It is colorless and has a clear, transparent appearance with no cloudiness.

Zuvamesa is a leading producer of D-Limonene.


Drums of 190 Kg

IBC of 850kg

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