We have the highest quality raw materials

The cultivation of citrus fruits in Spain is destined to the fresh products market and Spain is the world’s leading exporter. This is in contrast to other countries in which citrus fruit crops are destined for juice production. This is why Zuvamesa obtains oranges and mandarins with excellent characteristics for producing juices of the highest quality.

Zuvamesa was founded with the support of Spain’s main orange and mandarin exporters. Our project continues to be an essential part of Spain’s citrus fruit production network, so the supply of raw materials is ensured going forward.

The quality of our raw material is Zuvamesa’s hallmark and the reason why we are leaders in the sector.


Years of

Our main goal is to provide you with the best and tastiest orange, mandarin or clementine juice, and that is why we have both a team with extensive experience in the production of products prepared with citrus fruits and optimized resources and working methods, designed to take full advantage of the best fruits of our land.

We firmly believe that the care and attention with which each juice, oil or pellet is elaborated is extrapolated to the texture, aroma and flavor of each product. That is why we are so determined to take care of even the smallest detail in the elaboration processes, since the sum of all the parts is what defines the final result.

The experience, dedication and care with which ZUVAMESA selects each orange and tangerine and prepares each juice, oil, pulp and pellet is what makes us stand out in the citrus processing sector.