NFC orange juice

The juice comes from the squeezing of fruits of Orange grown in Spain that follows the general characteristics and the values described in the AIJN Code.

Analytical specifications

*Brix (refratometric)10.511.5012.X
Acidity (as gr. a.c.a/100ml)Depending on brix and ratio


Microbiological Requirements

 Aseptic DrumsTanker Truck
Total Count (cfu/ml)10X.000
Yeasts (cfu/ml)< 1X000
Moulds< 1X00

Orange juice is the most popular juice worldwide due to its unmistakable flavor, intense color, and characteristic aroma; not to mention that it is a great natural source of vitamin C. Although juices from concentrate have historically seen the highest consumption levels, the demand for NFC juice (not from concentrate) is showing rapid growth thanks to the current consumer trend towards products with minimal processing.

NFC orange juice is obtained from the squeezing of the fruit of Citrus sinensis species. Spain is the largest producer of oranges in Europe with most of the land dedicated to citrus growing being concentrated in the Region of Valencia. This means that at Zuvamesa we benefit from a strategic location, very close to the orchards which are the source of most of the fruit used in our NFC juice production.

At Zuvamesa we only select the best quality fruit which, in combination with our state-of-the-art technology, allows us to offer a supreme quality NFC juice, nearly like what you would get if you squeezed it at home.

In line with the global consumer trend towards organic products, at Zuvamesa we have spent many years allocating part of our production to organic certified NFC juices.

Zuvamesa is one of the biggest NFC orange juice suppliers in Europe.


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