Orange pulp suppliers

Orange cells made from the fruits of Citrus sinensis suited for preparation of orange juice. The product is made exclusively from the edible part of the named, sound, ripe and fresh fruit which is suitable for consumption and is suitable for production of fruit juices. The product is pasteurized, aseptically packed and stored under chilled conditions. Origin of the fruit: Spain.

Analytical specifications

*Brix (refratometric)810.X12.X
Acidity (as gr. a.c.a/100ml)Depending on brix and ratio
% Cells (*)X

(*) Analytical Methods: Performed using…

Microbiological Requirements

Total Count (cfu/ml)10
Yeasts (cfu/ml)0

Floating orange pulp (or cells) is derived from the endocarp of the fruits of Citrus sinensis species and is primarily made up of cell sacs and membrane fragments.  It is obtained during the fruit squeezing process and is separated from the juice by sieving.  The product is then pasteurized, aseptically packaged and stored under chilled conditions.

Orange cells (i.e., pulp) have high levels of fiber and the characteristic aromas and flavors of the orange, making their use very common not only in the fruit juice industry, but also in other sectors such as confectionery. This high fiber content makes keeping or adding orange pulp in juices a great option not only to improve mouthfeel, but also to increase nutritional benefits.

Our goal at Zuvamesa is to treat all products derived from oranges with the utmost care and attention so that we can ensure that the final consumer -the one the product ultimately reaches- can enjoy to the fullest all of the amazing properties of our oranges. We are, in fact, the main Spanish supplier of orange pulp to the world, delivering our products to most of the main juice bottlers and thereby expanding the number of end users who can enjoy the benefits of our pulp.

Zuvamesa is one of the biggest orange pulp suppliers in Europe.


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