Orange essential oil

The Orange Cold Pressed Oil is pure fruit oil that is obtained by pressing the peel of Spanish oranges. The product is obtained by physical means only. After the extraction, the oil is subjected to a winterization process of ca. 4 weeks.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Purity (%)>99%
Aldehyde content (as % Decanal)1-X%
Refractive index (20ºC)1.4-1.4
Wax (%)≤ 1
Density (20ºC)0.X-0.X

Storage conditions

Shelf life- Total, monthsXX
Storage temperature (ºC)25

Our cold-pressed orange oil is pure orange oil obtained by pressing the peel of Spanish oranges (Citrus sinensis). The product is obtained by physical means only. After extraction, the oil undergoes a process called winterization which lasts several weeks and removes any impurities from the product.

The oil is located in the outermost part of the fruit (flavedo and albedo) – the skin or peel – in the form of small oil glands.  Essential oils are what give the fruit its characteristic aroma.

At Zuvamesa we obtain orange oil by means of cold pressing, a technique which allows us to keep all the desirable characteristics of the oil intact. The process involves mechanical action against the peel (using pressurized water) which causes the oil glands to rupture and the oil to be released. This oil, along with the water used in the extraction, then goes through a multi-stage centrifugation process to separate the water out.

Thanks to its many beneficial characteristics, our orange essential CPO has numerous applications in the food and beverage industry, for use in personal hygiene products (cosmetics and fragrances), in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for use in household cleaning products, etc.  Orange oil is also considered to be the most effective citrus oil for the treatment of inflammation, pain, and infection.

Regarding its sensory characteristics, our essential oil boasts a characteristic orange aroma – fresh, pure and without off-flavors – and is a typical reddish-orange color.

Our cold pressed orange oil is 100% natural with no added preservatives or dyes.

Zuvamesa is one of the leading orange oil producers in Europe.


Drums of 185Kg

IBC of 850kg

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