NFC Juice

NFC (Not From Concentrate) juices are juices which come directly from freshly squeezed fruit. Unlike juices from concentrate, they do not undergo a concentration process through the evaporation of water for subsequent reconstitution but are obtained through a much more natural process.

Our NFC juice production starts with the careful selection of fruit (oranges and mandarins) from Spanish orchards (mostly from the Region of Valencia) which is then brought to our factory in bulk trucks or boxes. Once here, the fruit is inspected by our quality department to check the size, physical parameters, and sensory profile of the juice in order to guarantee the best quality end product.

In the production process the fruit is washed, calibrated according to size (which ensures optimum juice yield) and squeezed. The resulting fresh-squeezed fruit juice undergoes a light pasteurization to ensure optimum preservation and it is then stored in chilled aseptic tanks.

Our NFC juices are 100% natural, without any added sugars; they contain nothing but the juice from the fruit, and their vitamin content comes exclusively from natural sources.

Unlike in other citrus producing countries, in Spain oranges and mandarins are primarily grown for the fresh market; this means that the quality of the fruit destined for industry is exceptional.

Fresh-squeezed (NFC) juice is the highest-quality option within the range of industrial juices typically found on the market thanks to a gentle production process, which allows all the health and sensory properties of the juice to be kept intact.

Zuvamesa is one of the biggest NFC juice producers in Europe.



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