Pulp, Cells / Clementine Pulp

Mandarin cells made from the fruits of Citrus reticulata suited for preparation of mandarin juice. The product is made exclusively from the edible part of the named, sound, ripe and fresh fruit which is suitable for consumption and is suitable for production of fruit juices. The product is pasteurized, aseptically packed and stored under chilled conditions. Origin of the fruit: Spain.

Más información

Analytical specifications

Parameter Min. Target Max.
*Brix (refratometric) 8 11 13
Acidity (as gr. a.c.a/100ml) Depending on brix and ratio
Ratio 9 XX 2X
PH 3.2 - 4
% Cells (*) X - -
Defects - - 10
(*) Analytical Methods: Performed using...

Microbiological Requirements

Min. Max.
Total Count (cfu/ml) - 10
Yeasts (cfu/ml) - 0
Moulds - 0


Aseptic Bag in 200Kg Metal Drum.