ZVM is a company driven by the major producers and exporters of Spanish citrus, supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

We manufacture citric NFC juices (Not from concentrated ): Orange and Clementine Juice,
with top range raw materials, most up to date technologies and a great human team.



We squeeze and take to market the best citric NFC juices and their by-products:
Constant & Homogenous product supply guaranteed by:



Zuvamesa paticipa en el segundo Foro de Oportunidades



Convocatoria Junta General Ordinaria.


ZVM is commited to the manufacturing of products that exhibit quality, reliability, and respect to the environment while guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients. The technology used in our products contributes to our guarantees on reliability and hygiene. Our Company actively participates in the Standards of Quality and Safety of the highest level.



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