NFC Juice / Mandarin & Clementine

The juice comes from the squeezing of fruits of Mandarines (v.Clementines) grown in Spain that follows the general characteristics and the values described in the AIJN Code.

Más información

Analytical specifications

Parameter Min Target Max
*Brix (refratometric) 10.5 11.50 12.X
Acidity (as gr. a.c.a/100ml) Depending on brix and ratio
Ratio 1X.5 XXX 1X.5

Microbiological Requirements

Aseptic Drums Tanker Truck
Total Count (cfu/ml) 10 X.000
Yeasts (cfu/ml) < 1 X000
Moulds < 1 X00

NFC mandarin juice is obtained by the squeezing of the fruit of the Citrus reticulata species. Spain is the second-largest producer of mandarins in the world and the Region of Valencia produces about 75% of the total national volume. In this sense, Zuvamesa enjoys a privileged location which allows quick and easy access to the best raw material in the market for the production of fresh-squeezed mandarin and clementine juices.

One of the main groups of mandarin varieties (and probably the most recognized worldwide) is that of the clementines and it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of Spanish clementines are grown within 50 km of our factory.

The sensory profile of our NFC mandarin juice is characterized by a fresh, sweet, and intensely tart flavor that is perfectly balanced with the fresh notes and lovely floral aroma of the fruit.

Due to the exceptional quality of our fresh-squeezed mandarin and clementine juices, we have seen steadily increasing demand by consumers in recent years, especially in the European market, where the juices are consumed as single-variety juices or in blends with other fruits.

In line with the global consumer trend towards organic products, at Zuvamesa we have spent many years allocating part of our production to organic certified NFC juices.


25MT isolated Road Tanker.

Aseptic Bag in 200Kg Metal Drum.
Aseptic Bag in 1.000 Kg Cardboard Bin.