Pellets are a by-product obtained by drying the solid waste product from juice processing industry. Formed by the peel from the juice stractors, culled fruit, organic trash, juice pulp and membranes of oranges and clementines. Prior to the drying process, calcium hydroxide is incorporated. Origin of the fruit: Spain

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Physical and chemical properties

Parameter Min. Obj. Max.
Humidity (%) S XX YY
Total Protein (%) XX ZZ -
Ashes (%) - - Z
Total Fiber (%) RR ZZ -


Total aerobic (cfu/g) <10^x
Coliforms (cfu/g) <10^y
Escherichia coli (cfu/g) Absence
Pathogen Staphylococcus (cfu/g) Max. 10X
Salmonella (cfu/g) Absence


Bulk truck.