Essential Oils / Clementine Oil

The Mandarine/Clementine Cold Pressed Oil is pure fruit oil that is obtained by pressing the peel of the Spanish mandarines. The product is obtained by physical means only. After the extraction, the oil is subjected to a winterization process of ca. 4 weeks.

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Physical and chemical characteristics

Parameter Target
Purity (%) >99%
Aldehyde content (as % Decanal) > 0,X%
Refractive index (20ºC) 1,X-1,Y
Wax (%) ≤ 1
Density (20ºC) 0.8-0.Y

Storage conditions

Target Min. Max.
Shelf life- Total, months - - XX
Storage temperature (ºC) 2 - 5


Cylindrical drums of 185 Kg.* (*)Other formats available on demand